Colour management

Colour is a vital component in photographic imaging. But unless you take positive steps to ensure consistent colour reproduction across all your digital devices, it can be one of the areas over which you have least control.

The fact is that all your devices – including digital cameras, scanners, monitors and printers – reproduce colour differently. That means, for example, that what you see on your monitor may not be consistent with your scanner’s or camera’s colour, and, crucially, what you see on screen may not be an accurate representation of what your printer will produce.

This lack of colour consistency is an inherent characteristic of digital hardware, and can clearly present you with a problem when you are editing and printing images, sharing them with others or having your prints produced by a third party.

There is a way to take control of this vital component, and to achieve accuracy and consistency of colour across all your digital devices. Firgrove’s Colour Management service has sophisticated calibration equipment, plus the experience and expertise to apply it to your digital hardware and printers, so that they are all talking to each other in the same language, creating consistent and reliable colour reproduction.

Anyone who is serious about digital photography has experienced the frustration of prints that do not match on-screen colour. Firgrove’s Colour Management can ensure it is no longer a problem. Accurate calibration delivers the colour consistency and predictability that is vital to serious digital imaging.

Talk to Firgrove about how we can help you to get your hardware working together to ensure that what you see is accurately, consistently what you get across all your devices. Colour Management is one of the single most important steps you can take towards better photographic reproduction.