Commission me

Professional, practical, pragmatic, and above all attentive and responsive to the client’s brief, I am available for commissions ranging from one-off images to groups and series shot for a specific purpose.

I specialise exclusively in architectural, auto, aero, botanical and landscape subjects, furniture and objets d’art.

I can work in all outdoor conditions, as well as having extensive experience in setting up, lighting and shooting in the studio.

Remember, the image is everything, from precise photographs of record, through evocative, affectionate tributes to man-made machines, to the beauty and intimacy of natural landscapes, gardens and flowers, down to the prosaic purposes of a more successful e-bay sale, it pays to use professional images of the highest possible quality.

Contact me to discuss your needs – be it print or online brochures, websites, insurance records or the capturing of aero or auto machines and scenes – and we can discuss the process.